oda Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects/MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, JAPAN


The GGP provides nonrefundable financial assistance to NGOs, hospitals, primary schools, and other nonprofit associations to help implement their development projects. the availability of GGP funding in each eligible country provides Japanese ODA with a new means of cooperation that has a direct impact on the well-being of grass-roots communities.


Any type of nonprofit organization is eligible to be a GGP recipient. The only requirement is that it be a nonprofit organization implementing development projects at the grass-roots level in eligible countries. (Individuals and profit-making companies are not eligible.) The followings are examples of potential recipients: international or local NGOs (of any nationality.except those eligble for the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGOs). local authorities. hospitals, primary schools, and other nonprofit associations. In particular cases, governmental institutios and international orgnizations may also be the recipients of assistance.


1) As long as the development project is geared to grass-roots assistance, it is eligible for financing under the GGP. However,the following areas account for the majority of the projects approved:
  • primary health care
  • primary education
  • poverty relief
  • environrnent
Some examples (not an exhaustive list) of eligible projects are:
  • refurbishment and supply of equipmary schools
  • refurbishment and supply of medical equipment for hospitals
  • excavation of wells *vocational training for the handicapped *vocational training for the empowerment of women *transportation of secondhand goods, such as fire engines, ambulances, bicycles, desks, and chairs (Transportation costs of consumables and personal property lex, old clothes, stationery, foodstuffsl are not eligible for GGP except in case of emergency humanitarian relief.) *activities related to antipersonnel land mine demining, support for victims, education for mine-avoidance *financing micro-credit activities

2) Priority areas and detailed conditions shall be determined by the Japanese embassy or consulate in each eligible country, according to the development needs of that country.


GGP (Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects) funds are provided to the recipient organizazation after an examination and evaluation of each application by the Japanese Government on an annual project-by-project basis. The grant amount per project is generally under 10 million yen. (The maximum grant amount is 100 million yen.) Prospective applicants should note that the following budget items cannot be financed: consumables (except in case of emergency relief or for humanitarian needs), running and maintenance costs of facilities and equipment, and administrative costs of the recipient organization.


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