The Nippon Telesoft's Braille Printers support Visually Challenged People.

We, Nippon Telesoft Co., Ltd. are developing and selling the line of products employing the latest technologies, besides developing computer software In particular, The Braille Printers that support Visually Challenged People have many unique characteristics and we are proud of their best quality functions in the world. Our Braille Printers operate extremely quietly when printing and also have the remarkable function that print Braille and Ink characters simultaneously. Taking full advantage of this function, they are widely used in the schools and public organizations. Today, its use has been spread out abroad such as in the United States.
As the relational products, we have Braille Pin Display, Braille Reader and so on, by having been evaluated their excellent technology, we are awarded The New Technological Prize for the Smaller Enterprises, furthermore, we are The Authorized Enterprise by the Japanese Governmental Organization that support and raise the enterprises.
We do appreciate your contact to the Nippon Telesoft, who continues to develop and manufacture the best quality products by making the best use of the excellent technology to support Visually Challenged People.
Any inquiries and comments are most welcome at any time.

Main Office 3F, 2-1-3,Momoi, Suginami-ku,
Tokyo 167-0034 Japan

Fukuoka Branch 9F, Hakata Riverain 3-1, Shimokawabata-machi,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0027 Japan
Kumamoto Factory 6-7-63,Nagamineminami, Higashi-ku,
Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 861-8039 Japan
Tel +81-96-282-8838
Establishment October, 1986
Capital Jyen42,600,000-
President (CEO) Hideaki Kaneko
The Tokyo chamber of commerce and industry registered Registered number A42530-43


Nippon Telesoft, Co., Ltd