CSUN 2011

Nippon Telesoft will be attending and exhibiting at 'CSUN', the International Conference on Assistive Technology and Persons with Disabilities in San Diego on the 16th,17th,and 18th of March.

Existing models of the Seika series( Braille displays) and our GEMINI Braille printer will be on display,and we will be unveiling the new, built-in battery , Seika V5, and built-in CE, Seika PDA. We will also bring our Braille Karaoke with the latest songs and many mores international number to entertain conference guests from all over the world!

American Windows-eyes includes Seika driver

We happily inform you that the Windows-eyes includes Seika driver in their new version.
In a new Windows-eyes, you can select Seika for a driver. Until then, you can use a driver CD(Ver3.31) , so you can install Seika driver and Windows-eyes's patch file automatically. If you have any questions please contact Nippon Telesoft.


Karaoke for blind people

A karaoke sing-along machine for the blind, the first of its kind in the world, has been developed in Japan.
A Tokyo-based venture business and a karaoke equipment maker jointly developed the machine.
When a song begins, a personal computer connected to the karaoke machine translates the lyrics into Braille, and sends them to a special display attached to the PC.
Up to 40 Braille characters appear on the display slightly ahead of the music, to make it easier for the singer to follow the lyrics.
A karaoke fan that tried the machine said he would now be able to sing more songs, because he would no longer have to memorize the full lyrics or carry around lyrics in Braille. The machine will soon be on sale for commercial use, such as in karaoke boxes.
(NHK On line)

Braille Karaoke


Nippon Telesoft exhibited their Braille display Seika and Braille embosser GEMINI at the Sight City exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 7th to 9th in 2008.
They were both very popular especially with German customers.
Government support for assistive technologies has recently been more restricted in Germany, making it difficult to sell existing expensive Braille displays, on the other hand something cheaper such as Seika by Nippon Telesoft has been more and more popular.
GEMINI was also popular for its ink and Braille simultaneous printing feature, so that it can print textbooks, a wide variety of information document, brochures, bank statement, etc.
Nippon Telesoft has two dealers in Germany and after it obtains permission numbers from the relavent insurance company, we will expand our sales in Germany.


[CSUN]Stevie Wonder

What's good enough for Stevie Wonder surely has to be good enough for you, however we can't make you sound like him, but you and our Braille Karaoke could live in perfect harmony, side by side on our Braille keyboard.
Our Braille KARAOKE was exhibited at the Nippon Telesoft booth at CSUN in the US in March 2008. Melody and lyrics on the Braille display SEIKA synchronise so you can sing-along with our Braille display. People who visited the booth grooved and sung with the Braille Karaoke.
Music star Stevie Wonder come to visit us spent for 20 mins singing along to his own million selling hit song 'I Just Called To Say I Love You' with the Braille Karaoke. He was very impressed with the synchronised Braille lyrics, then laughed and started to enjoy singing his song surrounded by cheering crowd.
After a busy and exciting exhibition this was a peaceful and joyful moment. Stevie also tried Kyu Sakamoto's song SUKIYAKI.

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

(To use Seika Version 3 display with VoiceOver, all a customer must do is download and install the driver on a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. )
When you have a Seika Braille display connected to your computer, VoiceOver automatically detects it and sends it information about what is displayed on the screen.
You may also link to the update: Download



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