Seika version6Pro

Seika V6Pro is compatible with several popular screen reading software.It works well in conjunction with a mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth or USB cable.
User friendly Funtion keys and precise and efficient features allow the user to navigate the Braille display naturally allowing for a more comfortable user experience.


Display system 8 dots Braille
Display capacity 40 cells
keyboard 8-dots braille keyboard, 8 function keys, 40 cursor routing keys and 2 navigation joysticks keys
memory ectension Micro SD Card and U-disk
Wireless Bluetooth
Interface USB ,MiniUSB, MicroSDcardslot, DCIN
Power supply Bus power / AC adapter / battery
Long life Battery lasts up to 20 houres with Bluetooth
Recharges from the USB port and DCIN
Auto-shut off
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Compatible with any standard USB A/C adapter
Weight 900g


Latest firmware Seika Notetaker v2.3 - February 28, 2023⇒Download
Seika Patch for Jaws V3.1.(Sept./05/2018)⇒Download
TransFile v1.0(March/14/2014)⇒Download
Super Nova Patch V3.0.(Sept./05/2018)⇒ Download
Seika Notetaker addon for NADA v3.3.(Jun./09/2020)⇒ Download

 Seika version6pro Manual v3.0(txt)
SeikaManual Seika version6pro Manual v3.0(word)
SeikaManual PDF Seika version6pro Manual v3.0(PDF)
Seika version6Pro pamphlet(PDF) Seika version6Pro pamphlet(PDF)
Adobereader DownloadAdobereader Download


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