Seika 80

'Seika 80 newest type of the popular Seika series. It has 80 cells .It offers a newly developed micro Braille cell, compact design, light weight and user friendly operation.The USB power source connection & compact design eliminate

Seika v3Pro, v5, v80

The Seika v3Pro, v5, and v80 are Braille display that works with PC/Mac/tablet by USB connection and iPhone/Android (only Seika v5) by Bluetooth connection. Seika v3Pro, v5, and v80 support lots of Screen Readers and easily carry with you and connect to use. The Seika v80 has affordable 80 cells will read doubling the length of contents. The Seika’s function keys work with computer and smart phone will increase your efficiency at work, school and home.


  • Seika v3Pro and v5 has 40 cells, Seika v80 has 80 cells, 8-dots refreshable Braille display and corresponding routing keys
  • 8 function keys: pan left/right and thumb keys
  • USB device port
  • Only Seika v5: USB-A host port
  • Braille display mode connecting with other PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/android/tablet by using USB cable and Bluetooth (only Seika v5 supports Bluetooth)
  • Supports NVDA, JAWS, SuperNova, Window-Eyes, COBRA
  • Only Seika v5: Lithium rechargeable battery, DCIN charging, 8 hours battery life
  • Dimensions and Weight:
      Seika v3Pro: 13 x 3.6 x 1.0 in / 1.3 lbs
      Seika v5: 13 x 3.6 x 1.0 in / 1.4 lbs
      Seika v80: 23 x 3.5 x 0.8 in / 3.3 lbs
  • leather carrying case with a strap


Driver for Seika80(Oct./20/2020)⇒Download
Seika Patch for Jaws V3.1.(Sept./05/2018)⇒Download
Super Nova Patch V3.0.(Sept./05/2018)⇒ Download
NVDA patch V3.2.(Mar./05/2019)⇒ Download

Seika80Pamphlet(PDF) Seika80Pamphlet(PDF)
Seika80Manual(PDF) Seika80Manual(PDF)
Adobereader Download←Adobereader Download


Display system 8 dots Braille
Display capacity 80 cells
Cursor key 8 keys
Touch cursor key 80 keys
Character code original code
Interface USB
Power supply bus power
Size(cm) 58(W)9(D)2.5(H)
Weight 1000g


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