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"A Braille Printer" that annoys you with its loud noise. You've given it up, haven't you? So, why don't you try to sleep by the side of " The Nippon Telesoft's Braille Printer"? You'll be amazed by its very quiet operation. Some blind person tries to touch as wondering if it's operating really. A slight sound can barely be heard, but it's comfortable to the ear.

Some says they can take a nap! Of course, you need NO soundproof box, NO soundproof room. Our printers produce very clear Braille to read and can print at higt speed. Also, you'll be satisfied their outstanding function - simultaneous parallel print " Braille & Ink." (If you don't read Braille, you can understand what is written.) We're sure our Braille Printers will extend your world of " Possibility and Chance".








how to change inkcartridge

Cambiar los cartuchos de tinta


Manual Download

Gemini Super Pamphlet
GeminiSuper Manual
Appendix:Maintenance Switch settings
Gemini Printer Trouble Shooting Procedures

To read this "User's Manual", the" Acrobat reader" need to be installed in your computer.If you don't have this application, please download (Free of charge) and install it following the procedure as below.

Adobereader Download
Adobereader Download

Print Braille and Ink simultaneously on the same page!

*Rich Function For Printing Braille
Besides printing Braille,it is also possible to print 8-dot Braille and Braille Graphics. By just adjusting the line spacing, you can use it effectively in a variety of ways.

*Print at High Speed With Minimum Noise
The noise level has been greatly reduced by using Nippon Telesoft's high-tech printing method that actually pushes the Braille printing pins into the paper instead of striking the paper.
This method also allows an entire line of Braille to be printed at the same time.


Types of characters Alphabets / Numerals / Symbols Major language used in EU and Asia
Line per page 24 lines maximum (10x11 inches paper –one side printout)
20 lines when double sided printout
Character system 6 or 8 dot Braille/Graphics Dot spacing 0.09 inches Cell spacing 0.15 inches 24 * 24 dots
Characters per line3292
Printing speed36cps90cps
Printing principal Line printing (pushing up pins at once by biased cam shaft)Dot matrix impact
Paper feed systemTractor feed method
Paper8~11 inches * 10~14 inches Continuous tractor feed paper
InterfaceUSB / RS-232C / Parallel
Power supply / consumption100-120 / 200-240V 50 / 60Hz / 130VA
Size / Weight18.5(W) * 17(D) * 12(H) inches / 24.5kg


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